Want to Learn to Code Faster, Slow Down - Proven Tricks to Boost Retention and Speed Growth

Oftentimes when we are trying to learn something new, in particular, something like programming that is complex with multiple moving parts the sheer volume of what we have to learn can easily overwhelm us. For young minds, it is important to establish gradual, modular learning to promote better retention.

Here are some pointers on how to make sure that though you have to learn a lot, there is a better way of learning it and retaining it.

We Should Code endeavors to help you throughout the learning process and we encourage lifelong communication with our clients so that we can learn and grow along with you.

Slower learning leads to longer retention...what does that mean?

Anytime you try to crunch something that should take two weeks to finish into three days, you will risk hurting the retention of important concepts as opposed to making sure it is clearly imprinted in your mind so that you can reference those things much easier in the future.

So what's the best process to learn?

You should ideally break down learning of any programming language into a gradual process and by gradual we mean for you to proceed in a way that is modular and allows you to implement your own review plan. For example, in learning Javascript it is easy to run through the operators that allow you to do math calculations (+,-,*,/) etc, however, when you get down to if/else statements, for or while loops it is very important that you plan to go more slowly with those important topics.

Focus much more on the more complex things than on the things that just make you feel comfortable. The best coders are people who are comfortable with the difficult parts of coding, so plan to spend time there and then re-visit the things you find difficult very often until you are not only comfortable but able to excel with it. It is here where you will become a great programmer and be able to create the things you want to create.

Get plenty of sleep?

The brain sorts, streamlines and manipulates the things you learn during sleep. It is the main reason why children spend so much time sleeping compared to adults, their brains are growing so much because everything they do requires them to learn.

So to reinforce your learning don't pay attention to the images of the all night programmer, hocked up on energy drinks and rock music - get a good night's sleep and just as importantly stick to a solid sleep schedule that allows for at least six hours on average with occasional nights of 8 or 9 hours.

The more you've learned, the more you should sleep. We've all been to a new job, started some new task and were no way near as good as when we came back to it the next day after rest. This is easily observable if you play video games - just try a new game and you will be horrible no doubt, the next day you will be much better - that's the power of sleeping and the brain.

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