Want to Improve Your Coding Skills? Here's 8 Reasons to Try Meditation

There are several ways to not only improving your programming skills but to accelerate your learning and better sort out the problems inherent with our new age, that is having to deal with learning multiple languages. An increasingly popular way of doing this is by not only focusing intently on your programming skills to start with but as you guessed it from the title, adding in a little time to meditate. Here we will explore how to get started:

What is Meditating or meditation?

Meditating is a form of mental exercise whereas you take time to sit down, preferably in a quiet place or a place with ambient sounds, close your eyes (or don't - doesn't matter) and using controlled breathing techniques you attempt to clear your mind of all of its racing thoughts. Focus on a single thing, your breathing for example. Or as the author typically does, focus on a visual part of a project you are working on. Having trouble figuring out what UI/UX design you want, what colors or layout, try visualizing it during a meditation session - the results will have you hooked!

The best method for controlling your breathing and thoughts is to breathe in for four seconds, hold for 2-4 seconds before breathing out, then breathe out for 4 seconds and then again, hold for 2-4 seconds before breathing in. This ensures that you clear your mind and focus more intently on what you are doing in the moment.

This is the easiest way to get started and you only need to start with smaller increments, such as 5 minutes, maybe ten minutes. Slowly increase this by 5 minutes each week or month. But it is important to go at your own pace. First get the habit of regular sessions down, doesn't matter if they are broken into smaller modules or sessions throughout the day you will still see results.

Eventually, you can have longer sessions in a single sitting and plan longer periods of meditation. This is why more than a few people go on "Silent Retreats" to the beach or their favorite nature spot. Remember to allow for wondering thoughts which will be better controlled the more you meditate, and avoid becoming overly frustrated if they occur. Just let them flow in and flow out, returning to your focus.


Once you get into a regular habit of meditating and with considerations for learning anything including coding you will notice more than a few benefits start to emerge:

1. Less anxiety, stress - reduces cortisol levels and decreases reactions to emotional cues allowing you more emotional stability

2. Better concentration and focus, improved attention span and improved observation skills as well as making you a better listener, which is great for your clients

3. Faster decision making, reduce memory loss

4. Better ability to make connections to things that aren't clearly connected

5. Improved creativity and problem solving skills (even better than learning coding by itself which also helps with this)

6. Helps control cravings (coffee-addicts should meditate more)

7. Improved motivation

8. Allows for greater empathy which will allow for increased perception

So if you struggle with anxiety, lack of concentration or feel indecisive at times or if you feel your work is stagnating and devoid of creativity. Meditation may be the hero you always wanted. Meditation can do wonders for your business and on picking up new skills.

The more you practice meditation along with the more you practice your coding skills the better you will be and the easier it will be for you to learn and complete projects. This will compound your abilities and make programming much easier and also much more likely for you to stick to it.

So get started today, take 5 minutes and practice your breathing in a quiet safe place -then build off of it from there. Studies indicate at least 50-100 hours of meditation are needed to start to first see results and the results are worth the time. The more you meditate the greater the benefits. Remember, it can take up to 3 weeks or 21 days to form a new habit but the sooner you start the better.


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