The Art of Coding and a Call to Action

Most see programming as primarily analytical and boring, but it is much more. Yes, coding is an art form and rightfully so as it has the potential to not only create visually pleasing apps and web designs with considerations for UI/UX but it also has the ability to create interactive art forms that can redefine our lives and our culture. Coding is here to stay, and as an art form it needs direction and help.

Think back to when you decided on your path into the coding or programming world, what really inspired you to start. Most began their coding careers with interest in making games. Add to that that you could create using a series of language inputs that would be compiled and turned into something that appears on a computer screen or mobile tablet.

Everything from the world of e-commerce to the world of gaming has been strengthened by having coding as a sort of analytical muse. There are even considerations of how you comment out your code or how you modulate your code that has artistic implications. There are entire books detected to improving the presentation of a coded work as to make it near artful. In fact, the basis of this thought is to organize things in such a way as to actually improve the ability for others to read your code and more quickly gain insight into what you were trying to accomplish and how.

Why is this important?

Artists and programmers share the desire to solve problems by designing new concepts to address challenges or voids in the world.

We at WE SHOULD CODE believe that the future of coding can be helped by keeping this mindset, well - in mind as we continue down the path of creating the next series of apps, interactive experiences and games.

Coding or programming should be sought after as a medium to allow us to express ourselves, to reach and engage users as never before. We would be remiss to continue to slog out projects that are simply clones, by not just reaching for but looking to surpass prior accomplishments in our app heavy world, we can strive to stay relevant and help to foster a future where that inspires more of the same - more unique experiences. We know, easier said than done. It is true that it is harder to be original and even harder to produce quality, original programming works. But, it is what we should strive for nonetheless.

When coding or as you learn to code, always seek to add your own creative voice to a project. Even if it is just one you are currently doing just to learn how to program in the first place.

Thinking in this way is critical for mastery and realistically, for your portfolio. So be bold and when you learn something, feel free to tweak and play around with it and make it your own. Also, make sure to take time to share on ArtStation, Dribbble or which are a few places that blend art and programming work together in great ways. WSC has many such projects in the works and we will share them as they are developed.

The future of coding and artistic endeavors depends on you!

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